Ping Pets Gallery

Most large breed puppies are $220 USD – Shar-Pei puppies are $280 – and are available in soft Ecoflex 20 silicone or firm silicone
(appropriate for children over 3 years), and $160 USD in solid resin. Puppies are approximately 6" (15 cm) in length
with the exception of the Shar-Pei which are the largest of the puppies at 7" (17.5 cm) and hand painted by the artist.

When ordering, a deposit of $75 USD is due ($95 USD for Shar-Pei, $55 USD for resin) with the balance payable when your pet is ready.
Postage is free in the U.S.; $20 USD First-Class Postage to Canada; $39 USD Registered First Class to the rest of the world.

To order your Puppy, please email Choose from the following large breeds:
English Bulldog, Shar-Pei, Labrador, Australian Shepherd, Beagle, Husky, or Pit Bull.
Or request custom painting to resemble the large breed of your choice.

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